That Summer


We were young once.

Summer walks, Summer wine, Summer holidays and Summer shine.

What a time that fills so many with so much life, so many plans made and so many dreams captured during these magic months of the year. Look back and what do you remember if not those long hot summers, the adventures you had, the hearts that got broken and the same ones that skipped a beat in the twilight of the solstice.

Unlike any other month of the year we never forget that summer. That summer that changed us, that summer that changed everything.

Warm summer nights in the dusk with magic in the air, every smell, every taste everybody on the same page. Years come and go, each bringing a new summer to experience and many will be amazing but much like a first love you will only ever have “that summer”.

We were young once, we are young now, and that summer is etched into our souls and will be there forever more, a safe place to look back on, close your eyes and return to that summer whenever you can, breath the air and feel the heat as often as you can.

Our memories are beautiful gifts, more priceless than the biggest stone money can buy and the engine in our soul. That fire burns because it’s filled with beauty and that beauty comes from those times that meant so much. They meant a lot then and they mean everything now.

During these difficult times it might seem like the world has changed for the worse, we may face many struggles in the years ahead, we may have to change the way we live our lives for ever more but one thing we will always have is the summer, and summer has us.

But that summer will be forever in our memory.

***Originally published on May/25/2020 at Thrive Global USA


Paula Tooths
Paula Tooths
Jornalista, produtora de TV e escritora, autora de sete títulos publicados no Reino Unido. | Londres - Miami

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